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Public Relations and Communication

Let Golden Image be your Public Relations and Communication service provider of choice. In Golden Image, you will find a boutique business that has the expertise to provide Impactful and Effective Public Relations and Communication Services. It is driven by innovation, creativity and a passion needed to remain competent and effective within this industry. We build and maintain good relationships with our clients’ stakeholders. We grow and evolve with the client.

What Can We Help With?

Communication Strategies

we devise communication strategies that help the client to get the right and desired message to the right audience. We ensure effective communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Crisis Communication

We work closely with the client in managing crisis communication during events that require such support.


We build and maintain relationships with the media that are beneficial for the client and manage media events.

Corporate Image

Image is everything! We engage on how to influence those perceptions!

Facilitation and Training

Golden Image provides services for Facilitation and Training in various areas, with a stronger focus on Client Care, Etiquette and Effective Communication. Services also extend to Assessing for Competence.

We are well experienced in the development and presentation of the programs offered.

Services are provided to individuals and businesses. There are also options for private sessions for companies (in-house) or participation with various delegates.

Our Facilitator is an Accredited Public Relations Practitioner who also facilitates workshops for PRISA (Public Relations Institute of South Africa) and serves on PRISA’s Accreditation Committee.

Golden Image, is an Accredited Service Provider for Continuous Professional development (CPD), registered with the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of SA).
CPD functions are provided for Medical Practitioners.

Image Consulting & Lifestyle Management

Golden Image Lifestyle Management services incorporate Image Consultation and Wellness Programs and Products.

A thorough interview is held with clients in order to provide us with a good understanding of their requirements and also to determine short-term or long-term needs.

We provide specialized master classes to help you devise an enriched and fulfilling lifestyle. Relevant focus is on: Renewal – Restoration -Regeneration

Image Consulting

Image is everything!
And it is true that you only have one chance to make that first impression!

Golden Image provides Image Consulting services to individual and corporate clients. We take on a holistic approach in order to attend to the client’s overall image.

Golden Image works in collaboration with strategic Partners and Support Services and makes referrals as required. These include: Personal Trainers, Beauty Salons, Day Spars, Medical Practitioners, Career Coaches and Educational Programs

Image-related workshops and master classes can be hosted either as Golden Image events or as client’s own (private) event.

Wellness Programs and Products

Wellness is key to one’s complete or overall Image. It is important to feel good, look good and to have the mannerisms that portray a good image.

Golden Image service and product offerings to this end include coaching on wellness related topics, as well as recommended products in support of overall wellness.

Referrals are made to relevant experts, as required.

We have vast experience in managing various types of events

Event Management

Golden Image is your “Go To” Service Provider for Events and Functions.

We have extensive experience in event management, with a commendable track record for successful events.

Let Golden Image take care of all the organizational nuances of your event for the benefit of your guests and participants: no process will escape the attention of seasoned organizers, and our project management skills will be put to ensure that everything runs smoothly and in perfect harmony.

What Can We Organize For You?

  • Corporate Functions
    • Gala Dinners
    • Cocktail Functions
    • Award Functions
  • Media Functions
  • Launches
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Networking Functions
  • Expo/ Open-Day
  • Retreats
  • Strategy Sessions & Breakaways
  • Tours
  • Train Race
  • Boat Cruises
  • Seminars & Workshops
    • CPDs (Continued Professional Development)
    • Training Sessions

Business Development

Golden Image provides services to clients in the management and development of business growth opportunities. This includes the sourcing of viable opportunities and retention of customer/client base.

We engage with stakeholders together with the client. We provide intervention for training and upskilling opportunities accordingly.

More Details

Business Development Services

  • Business Development Support Services
  • New Business Opportunities
  • Referrals and Networking Opportunities
  • Chamber of Business Engagement
  • Portfolio Committees
  • Networking
  • Stakeholder Management & Engagement
  • Relationship Building