I’m Alice King

The Founder and CEO of Golden Image and Creations

Helping You Make the Right First Impression

Image Consulting

holistic approach in order to attend to the client’s overall image

Lifestyle Management

Feel good, look good and have the mannerisms that portray a good image

PR & Communications

Expertise to provide Impactful and Effective Services

Event management

Extensive experience and a commendable track record for successful events

Training & Facilitation

Stronger focus on Client Care, Etiquette and Effective Communication

Business Development

Sourcing of viable opportunities and retention of customers

What Is Golden Image?

Golden Image and Creations is a boutique business with the expertise to design your image and communications strategy for success and has over a decade of experience in various forms of business communication.

Why us?

With an emphasis on Simplicity and Sophistication, Golden Image will tailor services to suit your business needs and budget. No matter how big or small your business, getting your image right takes you to the next level of success.

What is The Process Like?

– Initially, the client needs are identified by means of consultation.
– The consultation is followed by presentation of a suitable and appropriate proposal.
– Then we will assist you with the implementation of the proposal.
– Finally, we design and put in place feedback loops to ensure lasting results and maintain sustainability.
– Golden Image Clients are inclusive of individuals and corporates.

About Alice King

Our Business Development Consultant is an accomplished communicator who can also provide training in various modes of business communication and with a strong Marketing and Brand Management background.

Alice is able to take on a holistic approach when devising an image strategy for clients.

Her portfolio as Business Development Consultant includes; the management and development of business growth opportunities, retention of client base, network marketing for business, stakeholder management (managing and retaining relationships), action plans for strategic goals of organisations/ businesses, sourcing of viable opportunities, securing of meetings with and for clients, training and upskilling opportunities and interventions for clients.


“Alice headlined a major event I organized and I, and the entire audience, were highly impressed with her depth of knowledge and presentation on a range of topics covering, but not limited to personal branding and presentation, all aspects of business marketing, particularly woman owned enterprises, and the importance of the coherent and seamless integration of personal and business branding.”

Vijay Naidoo

CEO, Port Shepstone Business Forum

Alice is extremely passionate about developing a positive mindset as well as uplifting people who she comes into contact with.
Her qualifications and skills in the fields of Marketing, Research, Public Relations & Communications, Image Consulting, Training & Development, Motivational Speaking and Arts have enabled her to diversify and thereby enhance business operations.
This purpose-driven lady believes in achieving strategic goals and objectives through creating a stimulating work environment.

Elma Titus


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